Brows on a Budget


So you walk into Sephora and you want the basics of makeup- primer, foundation,eyeliner, and maybe a brow pencil? You test one out at the counter and fall in love with it. Then you find out it’s $22 😱! Not bank breaking by itself but with your other items it may be too much. What can you use in between time until you get your money together?

Don’t worry! I’m always looking out for ya! This is the perfect solution for your brows when you’re balling on a budget.

All you need is a brow pencil and their brow cream. But guess what’s really amazing? The pencil is only $2. That is not a typo. $2 is the price! The cream is only $3. You can scrap up a few dollars for that? Yes!

The pencil comes with a brush side and a retractable liner side. brush out your eyebrows first before applying your brow. Use the cream to fill in the blanks.

And that’s it! You still can have brows on a budget. I did a natural brow today!

find these products at e.l.f. cosmetics

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