The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market is a really nice supermarket. I like that it’s a neatly organized market where I can find things easily and purchase items from bulk bins.

The store is ready for autumn season! Seasonal flowers are out and pumpkins.

In the produce section, kids can have a free banana or clementine. I like this promotion of healthy eating.

I love how the produce is well displayed and easy to grab.

the store is not too large but there is enough variety.

I really love the bulk section. You can get only what you need at a inexpensive price. They also have prepacked items for a quick grab.We grabbed animal cracker and a vegan trail mix for the park. Do you like to grind your own coffee for a fresher brew? The have this available at the Fresh Market too.

Things I also love about this market:

  • Floor plan is open. Items are easy to find
  • Cashiers wait at the beginning of the line for you
  • They are located in 24 states. Plenty of locations

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