Georgia State Fair

We went to the Georgia State Fair this year. It was held at Atlanta Motor Speedway. We parked for $5 and got in line for tickets. It was $10 per person. They accepted cash and card. Once you get in, you either buy a $25 wristband for unlimited rides or buy individual tickets.

What is a fair without funnel cakes?! We had a strawberry and chocolate covered one.

I ordered fries from a fry stand which took quite a while. It was a lot of fries but you might want to past. You can get better quality fries at a fast food restaurant which is embarrassing to say!

They had a few kiddie rides for Zahara who is 4 years old. She got on the train all the herself!

Not pictured but there was a petting zoo with two giraffes, two zebras, ponies, and goats. You get to feed them carrots! Zahara enjoyed that.

Overall, it was a fun experience. It was a little pricey but we had a lot of fun.

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