Baby Bum Products

Trust the bum company has released a new line of skin care products for children called Baby Bum. I’ve tested four products from their line with the complementary samples they’ve sent to me through Influenster!

What I like: These are plant based ingredients that are vegan. It’s free of dyes. It didn’t dry out the girl’s skin. I also like that they have a coconut balm that I can apply to their knees and elbows. The sunblock is SPF 50 which can be very thick on black skin so I tried it on me first. Surprise! It wasn’t too thick or ashy in appearance.

What I don’t like: At first, I thought the scent was too light but it is actually growing on me! Our senses can be overstimulated. On their site there is a lavender coconut scent but I personally don’t care for lavender. The lotion could have been a little more thicker; I prefer creamier lotions over watery ones. It wasn’t watery ; it was solid still I just prefer an extra layer of protection.

Overall I think it is a good brand. Would I get this brand again? It is currently available at Target so I would pick up their body wash and coconut balm. They have a website but I prefer to pick up certain products in store. I have a current body wash and lotion favorite by Burt bees but since I am switching over to vegan, I will buy this brand for my home.

The girls are all clean! Thank you baby Bum for these products!

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