Dealing with technology time and kids

“They” say children under 2 should not have any screen time and all others should watch up to 2 hours a day. Even for adults, no more than 4 hours of television is recommended.

But let’s be REAL. You have a pile of dishes and laundry to do and you just need the kids to sit down and not bug you while you complete your task.

How do you keep them entertained without the screen? You can give them activities to do but they can get bored easily and decide tugging on your pant leg is more interesting.

My best suggestions:

  • Forget what they say- it’s easy to recommend something when you’re not walking in someone’s shoes. Not all moms have help. You have to make do with what you got.
  • Find a sitter- if someone like a close friend or grandmother can snag the kids for 2 hours a week, take advantage of that.
  • Clean during nap time- I know you’re tempted to take a nap too (your kid has worn you out) but maybe get a small task done while they sleep. A good game at the park should get them tired before their nap
  • Play a game together- play a game on your phone/tablet together. After 30 minutes, suggest another activity. Since you took time to play and relate to them, they are willing to listen to you.
  • Cook and clean with kids- give your children age appropriate tasks to help you with. Maybe the 2 year old can throw paper in the trash. Your 6 year old can put laundry in the drawer. At first Your first instinct maybe to hurry and get things done. But take time to teach them. They will learn speed after continued practice and eventually you’ll have the help you need to get things done!

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