Before you give up on breastfeeding…

You want to give your baby the best feeding possible. You know all the benefits of breastfeeding and you have every intention to go natural, but baby won’t latch on or your not making enough milk. Will your newborn get enough nutrition? When do you throw in the towel?

I will be honest. I almost gave up. My daughter would not latch and the nurse informed me that my nipples were kind of short. Baby was struggling to latch and I felt like the mom who couldn’t properly care for my baby. But a new ray of hope came to me.

Try this before giving up on breastfeeding:

  • Nipple guards

nipple guards or shields are used for mothers with inverted nipples or babies that have hard time latching on.

They come in different sizes between 16mm to 24mm depending on your babies needs. This was literally a LIFESAVER for me . My daughter was able to feed and latch on easily. Eventually, she could latch without the shield, but I kept using to protect my nipples from her new incoming teeth.

You can find these at Target

Some hospitals have a lactation specialist who have nipple shields in stock. If you see your infant struggling after delivery, request one from your nurse at the hospital. They are complimentary!

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