When relationships gets toxic

I strongly believe most humans try to do the right thing and be the best they can be for themselves and for the people they love. But the least of those humans have the opposite intentions. Have you ever shared an idea with a family member or a best friend and they completely downplayed your idea? You may feel like you owe it to them to keep them in your company since you have a strong connection or because you’re blood related.

Here’s the truth. Who we surround ourselves around determine who we become and how we feel. Maybe it’s not depression. Maybe your company is making you miserable. Does your mother push her views on success on you? Maybe your mother-in-law is telling you how to parent. Did your best friend tell you that business dream you had won’t work in the “real world”?

The first step is letting people go, even family. This is so difficult because good people like yourself want to continue to be loyal to those we love. The truth is, you can’t help anyone else if they constantly are destroying you. No one is worth your mental sanity. If you can’t disassociate right away, start gradually fading away. Maybe don’t answer their phone calls every day. Make it once a week. Distance yourself from negative energy.

The second step is to replace them with positive people. Find new friends with great energy, those who won’t compete with you. If you have career goals, find someone who has similar goals in a different field so that difference can cut out competitions. ONLY COMPETE WITH THE PERSON YOU WERE YESTERDAY.

Third step: forgive yourself. Don’t feel guilty. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Just because someone has seen you through those mistakes or flaws doesn’t mean they have the right to down you if you’re trying to change. You can’t move forward digging in the past. Move forward with people who want to cheer for the new and improved you!

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