Eating at Bistro Hilary

Today my family and I ate at Bistro Hilary. I saw the renovations happening last season and I couldn’t wait to actually go inside and try them out!

I was searching for new restaurants to try out and I remembered Bistro Hilary was opening soon. I checked their social media and peach cobbler pie was on the menu! Nobody loves peaches 🍑 more than I do with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

The Bistro has a beautiful entrance, and an outdoor patio.

It’s all set with umbrellas to keep you cool in the summer heat. There is also a nice lounge area with a sofas.

I took a peek inside to get a menu and get a look for y’all 😁. It’s nice inside but on such a beautiful day, I wanted to eat outside.

I asked for my peach cobbler pie but it was all sold out. I was a little disappointed since the advertising was just done the previous day. That was all I really came for but I decided to give the other things a try.

My drink was rosé . It was brought out in a can that I poured into this glass. Fried deviled eggs as a side and cordon bleu sandwich with salad. My daughter ordered chicken strips and fries. We had chocolate dessert to go. It totaled up to $60. My husband didn’t care much for that price.

The food was fine. I have to be be honest or this wouldn’t be a sincere review. Out of 10, I give it a 7. The flavors were not special. I’ve had better sandwiches from Chick-fil-A and for a cheaper price. Having the peach cobbler pie may have swayed me more positively but it wasn’t available.

Overall, it’s a beautiful place aesthetically, perfect for photos, but I don’t see us returning. It was nice to try something different for once but we won’t be regulars here.

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