40 Days of Prayer

I feel the best when I align my life with God. I feel a sense of peace, safety, and truth. Something you don’t always get from this world. I was so happy to hear that my church family were going to do a 40 days of prayer series.

Growing up, I was taught that God was always upset with me over every sin I committed. It was a punishing way to teach a young person about God. He is not just sitting there waiting for us to sin so he can reign down punishment upon us. He actually cares about us despite our sins. That is why he sent Jesus here; to push our sins aside so we can build a relationship with him. -John 3:16

We stay close to God by reading the Bible but also by communicating with him by prayer. We might assume God sees all things and he knows actually what we need so no need to come with him with all our problems; especially the small ones. The Bible says different John 16:23-24 Jesus says we must ask God for whatever in his name. We haven’t asked but now is the time to do so.

I’ve been wanting to speak more with God so I was happy to receive this prayer journal that I can read scriptures about prayer and write my thoughts about the scriptures.

It all came from pastors website. If you’re church hasn’t started the series or you don’t have a church, you can order the books and dvds yourself and study from home. You can do it also in a small group if you have likeminded friends or family.

All you need is a pen and an open heart. This program is just a supplement to your Bible reading, not a complete replacement. Just like vitamins don’t replace eating meals. Speaking of eating, it’s important to feed your spiritual soul everyday. No one can live healthy eating one meal a week. Church on Sunday every week won’t feed you all week. Take up a daily Bible based session even if it’s 5 minutes a day.

So far, I’ve completely week 1 of this book with my daily reading and small group with fellow church members. I’m really looking forward to the coming weeks ahead!

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